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The Dangers Of Neglecting Chimney Repairs

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Chimney repairs are necessary to keep a warm, glowing fire lit throughout the cold winter nights. Everybody loves a wood burner. The soft pastel orange colours that permeate a room whilst the faint smell of bonfire rests gently in the air is simply irresistible. It’s a fantastic feature of a home and one that should be preserved to ensure regular, continued use.

With this in mind, we’ve put together an overview of the dangers of neglecting chimney repair, not only for you as the resident, but for your property too.

How To Assess The Need For Chimney Repairs

It’s essential you know how to spot chimney damage, so you can identify when it needs repairs. This is crucial, so we’ve outlined below the typical signs to look out for when investigating damage.

Cracks & Moisture

One of the most obvious signs of chimney damage is cracking and moisture. These usually go hand in hand. A break in the chimney will allow rain and condensation to penetrate the interior. If you notice any cracks or water pooling in your fireplace, it’s a good indicator that you need chimney repairs.

Internal Smoke & Crumbling Mortar

Crumbling mortar is typical of older chimneys. As it ages, the old mortar used in classic building techniques may start to become loose. You’ll see evidence of this in your fireplace and on your roof. Additionally, internal smoke may be a sign of blockage. If you notice either of these, it’s vital you contact professionals to repair your chimney as soon as possible.

The Dangers Of Chimney Damage

Now that we’ve identified the classic signs that you need chimney repairs, it’s time to look at the dangers of not fixing them right away. Please see below for the risk you’ll be undertaking should you not contact professional services.

Smoke Inhalation & Carbon Monoxide

Smoke inhalation is a big health risk to all residents. If you have a blocked or collapsed chimney, the smoke from your fireplace could begin to build up inside your home. Not only this, but with smoke comes carbon monoxide – the silent killer. It’s essential you carry out appropriate chimney repairs to avoid this risk, as it can lead to serious health consequences and even death.

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Property Damage

Ignoring much-needed repairs in a chimney can risk damaging your home. Cracks and crumbling mortar can lead to falling stones and debris, which can damage your roof. Not only this, but moisture can permeate the interior through breached chimneys, leading to water damage. Furthermore, you could see staining or soot in the interior of your home in the case of blocked or collapsed chimneys.

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Fire Risk

This is an obvious danger, and one that should never be underestimated. A chimney that doesn’t function properly due to neglected repairs is a serious fire risk. Your chimney can catch fire and spread to the rest of your home. Falling debris could land in a lit fire, causing it to scatter and ignite in unwanted areas. Fire is a massive danger to a home with an active chimney, so it’s important to be safe and careful. Not just with usage, but with maintenance and repairs too.

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Get In Touch With Fast Response Roofing For Expert Chimney Repairs

At Fast Response Roofing, we understand the safety and financial consequences of a neglected chimney repair. If you’re noticing any of the signs outlined here today, or you simply want a quote from a business that offers competitive prices and no hidden fees, then contact us today.


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