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Chimney Repairs Cullompton

If you require chimney repairs in Cullompton or throughout Devon, call now for a free quote. Chimneys can become damaged for many different reasons including weather, wildlife and aging. With our years of experience and fantastic local reputation, we can ensure that your chimney looks brand new and is functioning as it should.

We offer free onsite surveys and free no-obligation quotes. As well as this, we also offer emergency repairs and we can be with you as soon as you notice an issue. Get in touch for more information.

Chimney Flaunching

Chimney flaunching is the mortar that is used to hold your chimney pots in position. When this becomes damaged or worn, it can start to allow water to penetrate the inside of your chimney and potentially damage the brickwork or the structure, causing problems if not repaired quickly. Our team can handle any repairs needed for your chimney to remain safe and protected. 

Chimney pots
Chimney partially repointed

Repointing Your Chimney

If you have noticed missing concrete between your brickwork, we can offer you a fast and efficient repointing service. Crumbling mortar can cause the structure to become unstable and pose a safety risk, as well as allowing water ingress into the chimney stack.

Our experts can repoint your chimney quickly and for a competitive price. We will make sure that your chimney looks as good as new and we can also provide lead flashing services as required.

Chimney Flashing

Chimney flashing is applied to the base of the chimney stack to seal and weatherproof the structure. This stops the risk of leaks and protects it from the elements. The material used is usually lead, aluminium or copper and can last for decades. However, when the metal starts to become loose or crack, it can lead to damage, requiring extensive repairs if left for too long. Our team have many years of experience in chimney flashing repairs, so you can trust us to fix any issues you have noticed. 

Man fitting chimney flashing
Damaged chimney

How Do I Know When My Chimney Needs Repairing?

There are some tell-tale signs that you can look out for, some of these can include:

Get in Touch For Chimney Repairs in Cullompton

For fast and effective chimney repairs in Cullompton, give our team a call today.

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